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CNN’s Acosta clashes with Trump’s former DHS chief over election ‘lies’

CNN anchor Jim Acosta clashed with former acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf on Sunday over his claims of election fraud.

The exchange quickly became heated as Acosta pushed Wolf, who served under former President Trump, to say whether President Biden justly won the last election.

“Who won the 2020 election?” Acosta asked after Wolf expressed concern over voter fraud and irregularities.

“Obviously Joe Biden is president,” Wolf responded.

“No, no, no,” Acosta retorted. “Do you believe that he won that election fair and square?”

Wolf again answered the question indirectly.

“Joe Biden is president,” Wolf said, adding that he didn’t have all of the evidence needed to conclude that Biden’s victory was legitimate.

Wolf cited Wisconsin’s use of ballot drop boxes to back up his claims of fraud, noting that polling consistently shows a lack of confidence in election security among Americans.

“There are a number of irregularities, illegalities and fraud,” Wolf said before Acosta interrupted.

“Not enough to alter the outcome of the election,” Acosta said.

Acosta slammed Wolf, accusing him of undermining democracy and leading Americans down a “path of lies.”

“It sounds like you’ve watched one too many conspiracy theories on the 2020 election,” Acosta said as the segment came to a close.

Trump and his political allies have repeatedly pushed baseless claims that the 2020 presidential election was stolen through widespread fraud.

Many Republicans have embraced the narrative as part of their midterm election campaigns, including GOP nominees for secretary of state in states including Wyoming and Arizona.


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