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Teachers were making videos on OnlyFans at school. They wanted to make money.

Two schools in Lake Havasu, Arizona, fired teachers Samantha and Dillon Pier. The pair had been shooting adult videos on school grounds. The students discovered their work and reported it to management.

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Samantha Peer taught eighth-grade science at Thunderbolt Middle School in Lake Havasu. Her husband, Dillon, was a fourth-grade teacher at Nautilus Elementary School in the same town. The couple met at a facility where Samantha taught together to make pornographic movies for the adult website OnlyFans. Samantha went online as Chloe Carter.

Samantha Peer is a teacher and model for OnlyFans

According to AZ Family, the woman did not hide additional activity. On the contrary, she reportedly promoted her OnlyFans account on social media. Students distributed pornographic content involving teachers among themselves. Management learned of the incident and immediately fired a couple of teachers from both schools.

Samantha posted a statement in the form of a YouTube video. She said that she and her husband were making adult films because of their poor financial situation. The couple couldn’t support themselves on just two teachers’ salaries.

The woman didn’t want her students and colleagues to know about the OnlyFans account. She reportedly blocked the entire state of Arizona from subscribing to her account. It was insufficient security. Samantha assured me that none of her students appeared in the recording. The couple had to record the video while there were no classes at the facility.

“We received information that students were sharing adult content with each other. The material was not created on a school day and the person appearing in it no longer works at our facility. Please remove all content from your child’s phone and talk to them about the responsibility of using technology,” reads the text of the memo received by parents of Lake Havasu County students.

The pair were not accused of any extracurricular activities on OnlyFans.

The media previously claimed that Belle Delphine nude blogger earns about $1.2 million a month from her OnlyFans page. Belle Delphine nude brings the girl money not only from subscribers but also for advertising.

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