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The future of SaaS: forecasts and development prospects

Today, it is difficult to make accurate predictions about the development of private and public clouds and services, but customer interest gives reason to hope that cloud services will be in demand in the coming years. Many companies have already shown interest in the cloud, and the most active ones have already managed to assess the effectiveness of cloud services for their business. Agree, it is better to see once than hear a hundred times.

When moving to cloud technology is very important to formalize the operational and business processes and to determine the metrics by which you can monitor the effectiveness of work performed by a third-party provider. It should be understood that the transition to cloud computing is a transformation of resources into services. The user does not receive a technological solution in the form of remote access to servers, but a service. That is why there should be a catalog, based on a set of metrics to determine the quality of the provision of these services.

In addition, the load on communication channels will increase significantly. It is necessary to guarantee the continuous availability of these channels, otherwise you can simply lose the ability to access services at some point. Read also: SaaS marketing tools.

The obstacle may be the lack of official standards for clouds, which are tied to a single provider and put it in dependence on its software interface. But here the user is helped by unspoken standards, dictated by the major players in the world in terms of infrastructure services. A strong backup provider is a great argument for the customer.

The main opportunity that SaaS provides is that you can avoid capital investment in the initial deployment phase of the system. This is very important to many organizations. As SaaS evolves, more and more vendors are willing to offer their solutions under this model.

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