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Nationwide Empowers Ohio University Students with Diversity Scholarships

In a bid to champion diversity and education, Nationwide, a leading insurance and financial services company, has bestowed Diversity First Awards upon four deserving Ohio University students. This initiative aligns with Nationwide’s steadfast commitment to fostering inclusivity, recognizing excellence, and providing financial support to students who embody diversity.

The four recipients of the Diversity First Awards are Aanya Datta, Alyssa Cruz, Grace Cobb, and Mirage’A Lamb, each receiving a share of the $10,000 grant from Nationwide. These awards not only celebrate diversity but also serve as a financial aid mechanism, allowing students to concentrate on their studies and better prepare for their future careers.

Dr. Russell Morrow, interim vice president of the Division of Diversity and Inclusion at Ohio University, expressed gratitude for Nationwide’s ongoing support, stating, “OHIO is committed to embracing, celebrating, and supporting the diversity of our students and ensuring their success. Nationwide shares that commitment, and we’re appreciative of and honored by their continued support.”

Acknowledging the significance of corporate collaboration, Caryn Bailey, director of development, major giving at Ohio University, commended Nationwide for its community impact and dedication to contributing to student success. She highlighted the dual benefit of Nationwide not only providing scholarships but also creating career opportunities for students through internships.

Nationwide has a longstanding partnership with Ohio University, marked by various collaborative initiatives and consistent recruitment efforts. Kelton Kline, vice president for integrated digital services at Nationwide and an Ohio University alumnus, noted the success of OHIO students within the organization. “We usually find 8-10 great students from OHIO every year to join us as interns, and many of those go on to become Nationwide employees after they graduate,” said Kline.

Investing in education is a core component of Nationwide’s corporate responsibility, viewed as a strategic avenue to cultivate a more robust and diverse workforce. The Diversity First Awards underscore the company’s commitment to providing financial support that empowers students not only academically but also in building essential skills for future community service.

“At Nationwide, we believe that a diverse and inclusive workforce is critical to our success as a business,” emphasized Kline. “Our inclusive culture supports every associate’s success and encourages an environment where they can feel challenged, appreciated, respected, and engaged.”

The scholarships were officially awarded in late August, with a recognition ceremony held on September 22, offering Nationwide representatives an opportunity to meet and congratulate the deserving recipients. Nationwide remains committed to engaging with Ohio University students throughout the fall, discussing potential opportunities and internships within the organization.

Meet the Awardees:

Aanya Datta:

A senior majoring in Psychology with a minor in Community and Public Health. Datta is actively involved in research, focusing on the impact of depression on the onset of dementia in older adults. She is part of the Ohio Honors Program, serves as a senior representative of the Margaret Body Scholars Program, and works as a Global Ambassador for OHIO admissions, mentoring incoming international students.

Alyssa Cruz:

A junior majoring in Journalism and Spanish with a concentration in Latin American Studies and Diversity Studies. Cruz holds the position of Culture Editor for The Post, a student-run newspaper, where she manages and publishes stories related to human interest, gender and sexuality, multicultural perspectives, and the local city scene. She is also the founder and head of The Post’s multilingual department, translating stories for non-English speaking communities.

Grace Cobb:

A junior studying Virtual Reality and Game Development. Cobb combines her passion for technology with interests in digital art and video editing. Her focus lies in merging creativity with technology.

Mirage’A Lamb:

A third-year student pursuing Information and Telecommunication Systems. Lamb finds joy in reading and engaging with people on campus, particularly within the McClure School. She is actively involved in the campus community and embraces her role within the McClure School.

Nationwide’s commitment to diversity and education extends beyond financial assistance, embodying a holistic approach that integrates scholarship initiatives with internship opportunities, reinforcing the company’s dedication to nurturing the next generation of diverse talent.


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